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Energize Laboratories

Energize Laboratories is an innovative and unique design company that specializes in creating new and amazing experiences. The company is the brainchild of Rienzi Gokea and is a culmination of his efforts to leave a lasting impact on the world. Dedicated to creating amazing experiences and innovative thinking, Energize melds creativity from a wide variety of sources and unique viewpoints to make some of the most brilliant ideas a reality.

Currently, Energize is working on launching the puzzle-adventure game Spectrum: An Elegy for Piano to bring to Steam and PC. You can read more about Spectrum on its page.

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Rienzi Gokea

Rienzi Gokea is the founder and head of Energize Labs. Currently an engineering student at Columbia University in New York City, he was born to Romanian immigrant parents in the city, and ever since a young age he has always loved building, making, and creating things. Rienzi has an amazing talent, honed by a lifetime of learning, to synthesize disparate pieces of information into unique and brilliant ideas. He constantly pushes himself to achieve everything he can, and hopes to inspire others to accomplish greatness as well.

Rienzi is currently the creative director and lead programmer for the game Spectrum: An Elegy for Piano, and is dedicated to the project, hoping to make it the most beautiful and immersive game in can be.

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Spectrum: An Elegy for Piano

Spectrum: An Elegy for Piano is a puzzle-adventure game based on the concept of synesthesia. Synesthesia is an ability some people have where their senses overlap and the particular type of synesthesia the game is dealing with is sight and sound. When the main character hears music, he sees beautiful colors. He uses his abilities to solve puzzles, help musicians and bring the color and happiness back into his world.

To read more about Spectrum, please visit the project's page!

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