Energizing the Future!


Here you can find some of the cool projects undertaken by Rienzi Gokea and Energize Labs over the past few years. Click on one of the boxes for more information

Epsilon Jump

A tough iOS, Android, Steam, and Web game with a unique warping mechanic.

Wave Rave

A Global Game Jam Virtual Reality game based on waves


A beautiful puzzle-adventure video game based on the concept of synesthesia

Jax Hopping Robot

My Columbia University Mechanical Engineering Senior Design project designed and built over the course of the 2015-2016 school year

Manta Ray Energy Scooter

A Makosity-backed project to design a prototype for a modular generator that can fit on a scooter


An impromptu post-it pixel-based art instillation on the Northwest Corner Building at Columbia University

Energize Sparq

A simple block-avoidance game built in 16 hours during the Hack Duke hackathon in November 2014.

Dorm Room Castle

An interior-design project that turned a plain dorm room into an epic video game castle

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Dorm Keypad Unlocker

I got locked out once from my dorm room Freshman year, and vowed never to get locked out again

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Warrior Adventure

Stuyvesant HS Comp Sci Senior project- An arena brawling game where the enemies would spawn in waves based on a genetic algorithm

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